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How to decide for the best treatment modality after prostate cancer diagnosis?

Have you been diagnosed with a prostate cancer? Did your doctor suggest more treatment options and you don´t know what procedure to decide for? Would you like to discuss your decision with an expert?

In most cases, prostate cancer is detected at the localized stage. It is a situation where we assume that the tumor is limited to the prostate and has not produced any metastasis. What is important? If the tumor is only in the prostate, the disease can be cured.

Today, we have more treatment options in such cases. The definitive choice depends on many factors. Factors that we consider include: a specific result of histological examination (degree of tumor malignancy, number of positive samples in biopsy, etc.), your PSA range, size of the tumor (rectal investigation or magnetic resonance imaging), but also your age and other diseases. Your preferences may also play an important role in decision-making.

Basically, there are three basic options today:

  • Surgical treatment: complete removal of the prostate and often removal of lymph nodes – this procedure is called radical prostatectomy. Radical prostatectomy can be performed in different ways. It can be performed as open surgery, laparoscopically or the most modern way – using an operating robot.
  • Prostate irradiation by external emitter or by applying radioactive particles directly into the prostate (so-called brachytherapy). External irradiation can be done by photon or proton radiation therapy.
  • In certain cases the disease can be just monitored for some time. This approach is considered with the most favorable findings, when the tumor is still small and less active. The patient may then be monitored for a certain period of time following a strict schedule (regular PSA check-ups, magnetic resonance imaging, sometimes repetition of biopsy) and start the active treatment (surgery or irradiation) only when the tumor begins to grow and becomes active. We call this procedure active surveillance.


In case you cannot decide which procedure to choose, you can book an appointment at our clinic to consult your case. Our experts with many years of experience will be willing to pay attention, will explain everything to you and help you decide.

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